The Driving Force

Teachers and Educators must embrace the students of today to re-imagine tomorrow. We believe that Teachers should RELEASE THE POWER in the classrooms. For as long as schools have existed, teachers have been the main source of knowledge in the classroom. Teachers are the Gate keepers for everything that happens in a classroom. Today, we have far more resources available at our disposal than ever before. At Oakdale, we make use of the resources to make our classrooms less teacher centered and more students centered. Our classrooms are Engaging, Responsive and Dynamic as the world around us. When children are given ownership to their learning they excel at everything they do. When teachers embrace students’ knowledge the students will embrace their learning.

Embracing purposeful technology

Using technology just for the sake of using it is wasteful. Technology is the language today’s students speak. As educators it is now our job to be champions of Digital Citizenship. A research tells us that 93% of employers use social media in some way to either hire or recruit employees. That means if our students leave us with a neutral or negative digital footprint, they have just a 7% chance of getting a job. We at Oakdale, make sure our students are GLOBALLY CONNECTED. In this Dynamic world a lot of things change from time to time but one thing remains constant through time. Relationships between students and passionate teachers will always be the foundation of successful classrooms.

We want our students to LOVE coming to school, LOVE learning, and LOVE everything about being in the school.

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