The world has seen hundreds of innovative products, concepts, designs and it has evolved to be a much different place from what it was a century ago. But unfortunately one thing had not changed – THE CLASSROOM.

That is when we started to research upon the subject, went through many articles, referred a lot of books and we learned that essentially there is no need for a classroom.­­­ A learning Studio could be replaced with it. A learning studio is a classroom that is consciously redesigned to increase the number of learning modalities that can be accomplished within its four walls. A ‘traditional Classroom’ is not consciously well designed to accommodate a variety of learning activities.

For example, teachers could ask 25 students to sit quietly at their desks and read and an observer could then say that all 25 students are “learning independently”. What this observation fails to account for is that given an opportunity to pick their own type of space in which to read quietly, few children would choose to sit privately or Sit on a couch or a sofa or lie on the floor.

At Oakdale, we provide a variety of areas that students could pick from depending upon their own personal preferences for activity being done. Below are a few of different spaces students can choose from

Movement Studio Davinci Studio
Makers’ Space Ayn Rand Plaza
Steve Jobs Studio Aryabhatta Studio
Mousa Studio Kalam Studio
Shakespeare Lab Infirmary
Gazebo Camp Fire Amphitheatre
Outdoor Play Station Petting Zoo
Organic Farming Café
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