We at Oakdale believe that passionate teachers are the foundation of successful classrooms. We understand the tremendous impact teachers have on a child’s growth, development and personality. Teachers need to bring extensive real-world experience to the classroom. They need to guide each child with passion and commitment. We intend to provide the students nothing but the best and that is the reason our school is constructed in a beautiful and resourceful 8 acre campus. Because our children deserve the best.

We have designed a unique CPE (Continuous Professional Enrichment) Program wherein our teachers would undergo a continuous training program throughout the year unlike most of the schools which would have a 3day/5day training program once/twice a year. In this 21st century, teachers need to impart social, emotional, intellectual, creative, academic skill sets in the students which are contemporary to the modern world. For which they have to be prepared at all times.

If you believe you are here to change the world, in a good way, come join us. Let us together put a dent in the universe.

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